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Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality, Internet Research & Education Laboratory came into being in 2009 through the efforts of Professor Konstantinos Koskinas at the Department of Psychology, Panteion University of social and political sciences, Athens, Greece.

The laboratory focus on interdisciplinary and especially antidisciplinary research at the intersection of social sciences, psychology and technology in order to understand the modern technology mediated social reality.


Dr AlexiosBrailas:The virtual learning community: socio-psychological, pedagogical and technological parameters

Dr Maria Koletsi:Ideologization of terrorist text rational: the analysis of the 17th of November communiques according to grounded theory

Dr Nikos Konstantinou:Three-dimensional virtual worlds as experiential and collaborative learning environments

Dr Demetrios Nikolaos Spiliotopoulos: The notion and definition of cyberwar phenomenon through an information analysis of digital media: The cases of BBC and CNN

Dr Spyros Tzanavaris: Collaborative learning in virtual communities: socio-psychological and pedagogical approach

Dr Stamatis Venetis: The hidden curriculum of the lessons of informatics and perceptions in secondary schools

Dr Katerina Xaronitaki: Psychosociology of addiction and rehabilitation: construction of a psychometric instrument for screening problem and pathological gambling

Dr Irina Zhuravliova (Gionis): The preoccupation with games of chance as a dynamic process in psycho-social context of modern societies

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

• MediaInformatics Lab (Journalism & Media Dpt)

Ionian University

• Interactive Arts Lab - In.Arts (Dpt of Audio & Visual Arts)

University of Aegean

• Laboratory of Social Informatics, Statistics and Research Infrastructure (Dpt of Sociology)

• Sociology of Labor Academic Laboratory (Dpt of Sociology)

• Εργαστήριο Κοινωνικής & Πολιτισμικής Ψηφιακής Τεκμηρίωσης (DptofSociology)

• Εργαστήριο Εικόνας, Ήχου και Πολιτιστικής Αναπαράστασης (Τμήμα Πολιτισμικής Τεχνολογίας & Επικοινωνίας)

• Εργαστήριο Εικονικής Πραγματικότητας (Τμήμα Πολιτισμικής Τεχνολογίας & Επικοινωνίας)

• Εργαστήριο Τεχνολογίες Προστασίας της Ιδιωτικότητας και Εφαρμογές Πληροφορικής στις Κοινωνικές Επιστήμες (Τμήμα Πολιτισμικής Τεχνολογίας & Επικοινωνίας)

• Εργαστήριο Πολιτισμικών Πληροφορικών Συστημάτων (Τμήμα Πολιτισμικής Τεχνολογίας & Επικοινωνίας)

• Εργαστήριο Εφαρμογής των Νέων Τεχνολογιών Πληροφορικής και Επικοινωνιών στην Πολυμορφική και Εξ Αποστάσεως Εκπαίδευση και Κατάρτιση «ΙΡΙΣ» (Τμήμα Διοίκησης Επιχειρήσεων)

• Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Dpt of Information & Communication Systems Engineering)

• Learning Technology & Educational Engineering Laboratory (Dept of Sciences of Pre-school Education and of Educational Design)

Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” (CTI)

Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas (FORTH)